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Telling a Story

Time is short for everyone. Fewer people are being asked to do more and more work. Information overload has hit us hard. The tools to produce jazzy, multimedia presentations are ever stronger. All of the above suggests that presentations are therefore even harder to make memorable. No one has the time to listen to you […]

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Content vs Delivery — Can You Do Both? NO!

Today, Hearst has announced ( that they are likely to come out with their own Kindle. What a bad idea. Sorry Hearst. You have great content, but why on earth would a user want to have multiple reading devices. Am I missing something here? Yes they say that the size will be different to accommodate […]

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Lemons for others are lemonade for us

Its becoming very apparent that we are in an economic slowdown/recession/retraction, whatever you want to call this. An obvious consequence of this belt tightening is that teens will be trimmed on their spending habits. The NY Times has a great article on this shift. But while many physical good companies that sell to teens will […]

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