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Mobile Measurement Failure: Comscore, Moody’s and the Tyranny of Standards

mobile measurement

The news release that Comscore now includes mobile measurement is plain and simply embarrassing. Mobile usage has been around since 2008 and  growing exponentially since then. Mobile measurement has been in Google Analytics since Oct 2009.. Many of the sites at Alloy have been witnessing 30% mobile penetration since early last year. How was Comscore allowed to […]

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Big Hire for Hangout

In the life of a company, there are moments when the direction it takes is highly influenced by a singular event. I have seen everything from a customer or investor commitment to the hire of the right or wrong person radically change the trajectory of the company. For Hangout, the hire of Mike Goslin ( […]

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Our Experience at Techcrunch 52 — Hangout Industries

If you are thinking of submitting your company next year at Techcrunch, here are some learnings that you might incorporate. Timing is everything The key challenge is to still be a stealth company until TC next year. Unless your timing is near perfect, it might not make any sense to wait until TC to launch […]

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What you think is important vs what is important

I am currently reading American Creation by Joseph Ellis on the founding of the US. I am big proponent of the maxim that history constantly repeats itself. Building consumer-based internet companies parallels a key event in our history — the writing and release of the Declaration of Independence. The founders spent gads of time making […]

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Valuing Common Stock in a Startup — Where the Accountants are the Optimists

I have just gone through a very bizarre experience where I, the entrepreneur, somehow became more pessimistic than my accountants about my company’s prospects. Usually the entrepreneur is the one who paints the picture of the future that leads to riches for everyone — where despite the lack of present cash, revenue, product (or any […]

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