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The Future of Retail Banking

future of retail banking

I saw the future of retail banking last week and it looked like nothing I had ever seen. Just as Starbucks transformed the coffee drinking experience by providing the notion of a third place, Capital One is transforming the notion of a bank branch and human interaction. It’s not about Banking Capital One took the […]

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Flat is the new Round — Thank You Apple

Old favorites die hard. The stink around Apple’s change to the Itunes logo is typical of the “what was wrong with the old one” attitude that can be so pervasive even amongst the earliest of adopters — technology junkies. We are seeing this already in a number of web design layouts (see and written […]

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Know Thy Demographic – The Web Turns Lead Gen Upside Down

Since the beginning of marketing time, there has been a high correlation between the level of segmentation or specificity of the lead and the price of the lead. The more discrete and specific the list for a given set of leads, the more the marketer spent for each lead. Asking for females in the US […]

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Google Doesn’t Get It — Pull is not Push

The announcement that Google is getting out of the radio business is no surprise.  Not because they could not measure performance of the audio ad business, which of course is not resolvable to a formula that smart engineers can go off an code. Rather, they confuse their success in a pull business with businesses that […]

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