About Guided Launch

Guided Launch is an advisory, investment and operating practice in the Digital Media, Consumer and SMB-targeted businesses across mobile and web/desktop platforms. Guided Launch focuses on helping startups or established companies launch or re-launch core product and services across mobile and web platforms.

Beginning in 2012, Guided Launch has partnered with Eaglepoint Advisors to deliver leading-edge digital technology expertise to retail and consumer products companies who find themselves playing catch up in an online and increasingly social world.

The full press release can be found here.

Why launches or re-launches? Because we live in the world of the innovator’s dilemma.

Established companies are being disrupted by new incumbents every day or by new ways of distributing existing content.

  • Are you a retailer whose online presence is being commoditized by Amazon on the low end and new vertical online-only players at the high end?
  • Are you a catalog company wedded to printing catalogs when the world is moving to a mobile world by 2015?
  • Are you a publisher of content being commoditized by crowd-sourcing, free content or the likes of Apple who has the distribution platform to make your services?

Since its inception in mid-2010, Guided Launch has co-founded, advised or engaged with 4 startups or re-launches in the mobile, Facebook Advertising, SMB and consumer web spaces.


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