is now in private beta

Its great to see a lot of work come together. Its very cool to see how kids and folks are using the site. Lots to learn and lots to do. If you want an invite, go to and leave us your email address.

Our fb application this spring was a great start for us to understand the interaction of users with our approach. Its fascinating to chart how folks are actually interacting on the web and how things rise and fall very quickly in this space — no one wants the “Jumping the Shark” effect on usage.

What has been most challenging has been to blend two different development cultures in one company. By combining both web and 3D into one company, we have the drive to iterate quickly (web) with the pipeline dev mentality of game companies. The good news is that we have bred a culture which releases cool stuff in 3D and web in two week cycles. We are always dealing with the tension between polish and speed, but its a good tension that has resulted in some very exciting interaction on the web.

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