VC Speak — “He is a good guy”

Every now and then I will post a phrase I have heard often in my journeys through and with VC land. Interpreting these phrases is key if we are to get the right meaning and act accordingly.

“He is a good guy”

This is a classic phrase VC’s use when they describe a person, who we will refer to as “them” in this thread. It can mean almost anything from — “they has no criminal record” — to “I have worked with them and I like them, but they did not make a ton of money for me, but they has some potential. Its a safe phrase that tells you that you can and should talk to that person, but that the VC is not overly awed by them.

As compared to “This guy is awesome. He is a rock star (another post)”, “He is a good guy” is far less positive.

Frankly, it really means you are on your own — caveat emptor. You the entrepreneur need to figure out if you are interested in the person and want to hire them. I, the VC. certainly would not question or “block” the hire.

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