Hangout Industries Launches at Techcrunch 50 today

Its so great to be able to launch a great company today. Our team at Hangout has worked hard over the last six months to build a great product completely under wraps. That’s tough for a team of developers working crazy hours and deeply proud of their work. And its been crazy for building the company because folks don’t know what you do until you tell them and then thrust an NDA in front of them. Not the most laid back approach.

Check out the video Although it got cropped in the beginning and the end, its still represents the company well. And it all worked (except for one internet glitch).

And Ashton and I are now best buds.

And what a challenge. Up to 5 minutes before we were supposed to go on (we were #2), there was no internet service in the house. Kind of tough to do an internet demo in front of 2,000 folks of a Web 2.0 property with no internet.

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