Baseball versus any other sport

Have you ever stopped and wondered why baseball players do not congratulate each other across teams at the end of the game? Every other sport that I have watched, including far more violent sports, such as football and rugby, even boxing, has the combatants shaking hands after the battle.

But not baseball. Why?

I was in heaven this year when the Phillies won. Its been many, many years since they did. But the victory seemed far more shallow, when I watched the celebration and saw that they were only celebrating amongst themselves — the Blue Jays simply walked back to their locker rooms via their dugout and never interacted with the Phillies.

The only time I have seen that is when little kids, or big kids, are spoilsports when they lose a game and refuse to acknowledge that they have lost.

Are baseball players spoilsports? Are they so juvenile that a simple lineup handshake, as with soccer, lacrosse, hockey, etc., seems to difficult for them to handle?

Grow up baseball. Join the big leagues of modern sports and make winning fun for everyone.

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